Just some background

It is not always understood that every individual church has to be self-financing.

There is NO central funding from the Church of England.  In 2019 (our last audited accounts) our total expenses came to nearly £6900.  Our levy to the Church of England to help pay towards the cost of clergy, and meet our Rector’s modest expenses took up nearly half of that, at £3414.  If that sounds a lot, look at it differently as just under 55p per week for each of our parishioners.  Another £1524 had to be spent on insurance.  It cost us a further £1612 to run our services, maintain the churchyard, and pay our utilities etc.  At Christmas we found a further £320 to donate to charitable causes such as the local hospice and food bank, and to those supporting veterans of our armed services.  That left us with a slim surplus of £760 towards our huge repair bill.

Raising these funds in such a small village – we are approximately 120 in all – is a major challenge and we are grateful for all the regular support we receive and that which comes from our, obviously limited, fund-raising opportunities.

In 2017, our Architect found major structural problems with our tower and the cost estimate for repairs came to a whopping £215,000 – that now needs to be revised for inflation… And then there are other needs behind that first repair priority – our windows and external stonework to mention but two.

At the end of 2020, because of the insistent rise in thefts of roof lead from churches across the country, we reluctantly decided to instal a roof alarm.  If we hadn’t, our insurance bill would have more than doubled to £3140.  We have just had to find £7021.62 for an alarm system with a further £737 each year in running costs.  We are grateful to have received some grants towards the cost, and have been  able to reclaim the VAT.  Nonetheless, this has been a significant hit on our funds and cashflow that will be felt for some years to come.

So if you can help us in any way, please do –  

Even buying postcards and booklets, or popping a donation into the wall safe when visiting, all helps towards our general annual expenses, and hopefully will allow us to build funds towards any grants we can find for the much needed major repairs.  This lovely Grade 1 architectural gem is so important to our cultural heritage.